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Let’s Talk About Sex…

Let’s Talk About Sex… and Pregnancy Now, let’s get to what you’re really concerned about. Sex. It is, after all, how you got into this situation in the first place. You finally get to have a threesome, though it’s probably not the one you’ve been fantasizing about since age 16. But there’s another being affecting […]


10 Steps to a Fabulous Delivery         

A Historic Moment for Black Moms

I don’t know what did it for you but I was perfectly content doing my happy dance in my living room on Election night until I saw the image of the Obama family walking out onto the stage of Grant Park. That’s when I lost it and the waterworks came swiftly into town. That regal […]

Get Wobbly at Work?

Managing Your Job in the Third Trimester Why can’t maternity start before delivery? Good question. Until that law gets passed, you’ve got to manage both.  With more sleeplessness and that inevitable waddle, TGIF will have a new meaning. Here’s how’s to manage your job in the final stretch…         

Your Baby

Your Baby First Trimester: Week by Week You can’t see it just yet, but your baby is already making big developmental strides, from swimming sperm to zygote to full fetus status, baby’s got a lot going on! Read on for a week by week pregnancy guide.    

Your Body

Bye, Bye Body…   Even though there aren’t any visible signs of pregnancy yet (unless this is your second pregnancy, when most women report showing sooner than before ) – your body has undergone a lot of changes already. A thicker uterus, surging hormones, appetite changes, shortness of breath. Check out what’s happening in your […]

The Pain Principle

To Medicate or Not? Preparing for Labor & Delivery. Sure, you’ve got this. But every now and then you wonder, maybe even worry, about the pain of labor and delivery. Being prepared is one of the best strategies for dealing with pain when the time comes         

Insane in the Membrane

Coping with Pregnancy Brain Pregnancy Brain:  Standing in your doorway, but can’t remember where you’re headed? Worried you’re the culprit who put the toilet paper in the fridge? Yep, we know how you feel. Pregnancy brain is a bothersome by-product of pregnancy. Three words of advice: Post-It Notes!! We’ve got your baby brain drain survival […]

Your Baby

Your Baby Second Trimester: Week by Week Bye-bye morning sickness. Hello morning sex. The second trimester brings renewed energy, more va va voom in the bedroom, and a burning desire to tell the world that you’ve got a chocolate bun in the oven.  Good thing, because you’ll likely have much bigger boobs and an expanded […]

Emotion Commotion

Weepy, Angry, Hungry & Happy in Five Minutes Flat. Pregnancy is all about hormones. And hormones have crazy side effects, like making you cry over sappy commercials and empty mayonnaise jars when you need a tuna sandwich (been there, done that!), not to mention crankiness, intense disgust over the man who helped you into this […]