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The First Year Finale: What To Expect As Baby Turns One

The First Year Finale by MochaManual.com Staff You’re in the final stretch of year one, but first you have eating, sleeping and behavioral changes to contend with. Buckle up for the final stretch.        

Sleep Strategies

The Twilight Zone Sleep Strategies for Your Little One Remember pre-baby sleep? Yeah, you won’t be back to those days anytime soon. But you can use these tips to help your baby sleep more soundly.  

Your Baby at 3-6 Months: Developmental Milestones & What To Expect

Developmental Milestones 3-6 Months by Christen ClaytorMochaManual.com Staff Every mom loves to mark her baby’s milestones. They are also often a good guide to how your baby is doing. And the stuff we like to brag about. Of course, every baby develops at their own pace, but here are some general guidelines for what to […]

Safety First

Safety First How-to Safety-proof Your House in 8 Easy Steps by Christen Claytor Now that Junior is becoming more mobile, it’s time to pack up your precious knick-knacks and the dangerous chemicals to make sure your house is safe for your little one.  Here’s what else you need to do…         

Play On!

Play On! 5 Steps to the Perfect Playgroup These days finding playmates is serious business. Here are some helpful tips for finding the perfect playgroup.         

Developmental Milestones

First Steps, First Words, First Attempts at Independence. by Tamika Nunley MochaManual.com Staff   Get ready for the second year!  Here are the physical, mental, social and developmental milestones to look for in your 12-18 month old.        

Teeth Time

Teeth Time 6 Tips to Deal With Teething Trauma by Christen Claytor Unstoppable drooling, unbelievable crankiness, unusual sleeping…Yep, it’s teething time. Things are about to change dramatically. Here are 6 mom-tested tips on how to survive the teething experience.          

Rub, A Dub Dub

Rub, A Dub Dub How to Bathe Your Child Safely Bathtime should be fun. And a great bonding experience with your baby. But according to the National Safety Council most accidents with babies happen in the bath. By following a few safety tips, you can keep bathtime accident-free and a splashing good time.         

Cord Care Basics

Cord Care Basics How to Take Proper Care of the Umbilical Cord Umbilical cords are one of the first tests of mommy stamina. You’ve got a beautiful new baby then you look down, and think “Whoa! What happened down there!?"          

Breastfeeding Brawl

  When a woman chooses to breastfeed, it seems that everyone has something to say about it. Why are you breastfeeding? Wasn’t formula good enough for you? You know that baby is going to be spoiled. Breast milk will not keep a baby full. You’ll have to stop breastfeeding when you go back to work. […]