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First Trimester

Breastfeeding For baby…For You

How to be the best at the breast       by Vionna Jones Breastfeeding content           

How to be a Fit Mama

How to be a Fit Mama       by Vionna Jones So you are expecting a new addition to your family? Congratulations!   The next nine months will be filled with excitement, anticipation and a wide variety of decisions. In between choosing a pediatrician and deciding what color to paint the baby’s room, make […]

Trying to Conceive

Trying to Conceive The Little Known Fact Every Black Woman Needs to Know       by Fertility Expert J. Kendall Smalls     Throughout our country, good medical care access varies according to region and social standing. This disparity occurs in spite of wide varieties and standard forms of medical insurance coverage to diverse […]

Bottoms Up Big Bellies!, the FDA, BPA and other Scary-isms

Talk about trick or treat. This week a study came out revealing that when the FDA, the biggest drug pushers in the government, tried to tell us a few months ago, that BPA is not harmful to our babies and that all those chemicals in the plastic of our bottles and food storage items won’t […]