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Do What You Love!


Get Lifted!
Do What You Love! Find it, Go for it, Live it! 

Are you stuck in a 9 to 5 rut? Do you lack fulfillment in your work and your life? Are you yearning to connect with the woman you were meant to be? You can do it. Here’s how.


getliftedlg.jpg Get Lifted!
Do What You Love! Find it, Go for it, Live it!

Are you stuck in a 9 to 5 rut? Do you lack fulfillment in your work and your life? Are you yearning to connect with the woman you were meant to be? You can do it. Here’s how.

based on Chapter One of The Mocha Manual to Turning Your Passion into Profit—How to Find & Grow Your Side Hustle in Any Economy, on sale everywhere in February 2009

Like most of us, you’ve probably realized there’s something better for you out there. For some the realization comes slowly, like a warming feeling.  For others, it’s a lifelong jarring pain that greets you every morning and stays all day long. But you know you want more. You want to wake up every day with a smile and a zest for whatever possibilities the day will bring. You crave a life where your creativity and talents thrive without limits. You desire to be a part of an organization or movement that embraces your core values.  You want to create a life of financial freedom based on doing what you love on your own time instead of a cycle of trading time for money in the 9 to 5 world. You want to fly!
You can do it too. For many women the problem is not figuring out the What? It’s the How? Most of us know where our passion lies. We know what we love doing. Research has proven that often despite our own confusion and uncertainty most people have pretty good instincts about what they should be doing with their lives. You’ve probably recognized this too. The problem is that you’re doing the thing you love on the weekends, after work, after the kids are sleep and after everything else we have to do in life. The challenge is to reverse that pattern to make the passion your life.
The payoff is huge, but the road to be traveled is full of challenges. For starters, as you might expect, when you choose to create a life outside the usual boundaries of conventional ideas about work or success, folks begin to talk. The haters come out in full throttle. Others will begin to ask you, why today? Why not when…when you have more money… when your youngest child starts school… when you are divorced… when the moons align, when you’re forty years old, when we get our forty acres and a mule……. (Or add your favorite future “someday scenario” here). There are plenty of reasons to create that “one day” scenario. You know how we wait for the one illustrious day when somehow our finances, romantic relationship, personal values, spiritual state, and business skills are somehow perfectly aligned with the constellations and everything in life is wonderfully and miraculously in place. Those days are hard to come by. In fact, most women who’ve actually taken the leap will tell you that they do not exist. The truth is, you can wait for that day or you can create your someday today. Instead of being subject to your circumstances, you can be the master of your circumstances to make it fit with what you want from life.
That’s what Chandra Greer did. The 50-year old owner of Greer and upscale stationary store in downtown Chicago was a successful executive at an ad firm. But she felt that there was a space between who she was and who she had to be for her career, and it was huge. “In 1997, I quit with no idea what to do next. I spent several weeks in despair, convinced I’d ruined my life. Then I went shopping. I was drawn to paper stores, places that sold all the things you needed to make greeting cards or little books,” Greer said in a recent magazine interview.
Leaving her job wasn’t easy for Chandra. Surely, there were plenty of good reasons for her to stay at her job and play it safe. But sometimes it’s the people who have the courage to ignore the reasons, those who are completely un-reasonable in their thinking; those are the ones that ultimately create a life worth living.

Perhaps you too, have plenty of “good reasons” for staying in your 9 to 5 job. There could also be a host of circumstances in your life that make you feel that your passion should remain a side hustle while you spend the greater part of your waking hours doing work that does not fulfill you. And it is certainly risky to strike out on your own to build a money-making business that supports you and the lifestyle you want for yourself. Today, I will ask you to ignore those reasons. I will ask you to do something completely counterintuitive, and let yourself stay in the uncomfortable place. Today I will ask you not to focus on what you get out of your work-a-day life, but what you Don’t get from it. How long can you stand by and let your dreams go unfulfilled? What daydream comes to you again and again that you keep pushing out of your mind? What are you waiting for? Consider what’s lacking from your life that keeps you feeling unfulfilled and limited by what others say your worth is. Because for all the reasons why people continue in jobs they hate, the truth is, at your job, you’ll never get paid what you’re really worth. You will never have a life of complete fulfillment and a lifestyle of freedom, flexibility, and creativity that can only come from working for yourself. The life of entrepreneurship and following your passion is a lifestyle centered on connecting, birthing and living the bigger dream, without compromise.  It’s the difference between designing your own life and being a slave to it. It’s the difference between a life of ‘could of,’ ‘would of,’ and ‘should ofs’ versus a life of true happiness. There’s little true happiness in a life within safe walls. True happiness and genuine self esteem grow from movement toward your life desires and dreams. Happiness comes from the continual challenge to go beyond oneself as part of something greater than one’s own self-interest.
Dare to push yourself out of your comfort zone to reach the limits of the woman you’re destined to be. When you are willing to do that, and take all the risks and sacrifices, ups and downs as part of the journey, you too, will live a life you love.








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