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delivery_sm.jpg 10 Steps to a Fabulous Delivery


10 Steps to a Fabulous

  1. Choose a doctor that fits your needs and listens to your wants and desires.
  2. Make it a priority to read or listen to joyful delivery experiences—have faith that yours will be just as joyful.
  3. Create a birth plan.
  4. Choose pain-management techniques and exercises that work for you.
  5. Walk it out—stay on your feet.
  6. Don’t go to the hospital too early—your contractions should be five minutes apart.
  7. Move about freely during labor unless there is a medical emergency;
  8. request a heplock—an IV sit with a cap on it—so that you can move around as necessary.
  9. Change positions.
  10. Let gravity work for you; practice before birth the many positions that are great for pushing the baby out.
  11. Let your voice be heard—don’t be afraid to scream or yell.



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