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How to be a Fit Mama

How to be a
Fit Mama





by Vionna Jones


So you are expecting a new addition to your family?



The next nine months will be filled with excitement, anticipation and a wide variety of decisions.

In between choosing a pediatrician and deciding what color to paint the baby’s room, make sure you set aside time to get your body ready for labor, delivery and the demands of motherhood.

We all have known women who have complained about aches and pains they experienced during their pregnancies. Although pregnancy requires the female body to undergo major physical changes, regular and sustained exercise is the secret to alleviating many of the discomforts and health conditions that accompany a pregnancy. Studies conducted by Dr. James F. Clapp III, a leading authority on the effects of exercise on pregnancy, have shown that pregnant women who exercise at least three hours per week over the duration of their pregnancies gain an average of eight pounds less and their body fat percentages increase three percent less than non-exercising women. The end result is that, through exercise, women can maintain a leaner appearance while pregnant—a boost to most expectant mothers’ body image!



Vionna R. Jones
Owner of Fit in D.C., LLC and the Hot Mama Fitness Studio
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Healthy Moms Certified Fitness Professional
200-Hour RYT





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