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A Call for Powerful Parenting!


This weekend I had a major mommy breakthrough. Actually, call it, a blaring realization. Let me tell you about it. As you may know, I had the privilege to participate in a panel discussion on parenting with Rev. Run and Justine Simmons and the director of the New York State Fatherhood Alliance at this years WBLS Circle of Sisters event in New York City.

The event was phenomenal. (see great pics below!!)

At the end of the rousing and funny discussion–you should have heard Rev’s and Justine countering versions of the story of how they first met!!! we opened up the floor to questions. The lines at the microphones quickly filled up.

There were mothers and fathers frightened for their children and feeling nearly helpless as they battle the rump-shaking, belly-baring music and images, the negative stereotypes amongst our own community that compare educational excellence with selling-out, and the lack of positive male role models for our sons. One mother desperately sought our advice over her 15-year old daughter who was living in and out of homeless shelters with a man more than twice her age. She felt helpless as to how to get her daughter off this destructive course.

One thing is blatantly clear. Black mothers are in the fight of their lives for their children’s lives. But we can not lose our power as parents. This is what I told the crowd over the weekend, and I had thoughts of our Mocha Manual movement on my mind. Yes, we may get tired and yes, we will be overwhelmed, but the stakes are too high to slack off or ever give up.

When I look at my 4-year old son, I know that I am raising a black man in a world that is statistically stacked against his success and his very survival. When I look at my 8-year old daughter, I know that I can only protect her for so long and so much before the influences of school and her peers affect her. My BET-ban, and no-belly baring Bratz dolls rules are at odds with what most of her classmates see and do. How do we continue to foster positive self-love and positive images of black women to our daughers when our own culture shows us as scantily-clad booty-shakers???

At the end of the day, we are raising children in difficult times. The last days, if you ask me. Those of us who are wholly committed to raising strong, confident, beautiful Black children face an uphill, though NOT insurmountable battle. The cultural forces are strong, I know, but we can be equally powerful as parents.

We need to be extraordinary women and extraordinary mothers to do what needs to be done for our children. That means we have to be healthy–physically, emotionally and spiritually. We can’t win this war with weak armor. We need to be alert to the political and economic climate. Nov. 4th is coming! Y’all know what to do!

We need to be their first and primary role model. We have to make time and communicate with our children–we may not like what we hear, but we need to know what they’re thinking and keep the lines of communication open. And our children have to know that we are their biggest cheerleader, champion and sometimes drill sargeant. That we expect greatness and nothing less. And that our love is limitless.

We will not give up on our kids. We will not go down without a fight. We will not give up our power and the privilege of being parents.

Holla if you hear me!!!

In motherhood,


Me & Justine share a moment in the Green Room

The fab panel and our moderator

Ready to work at the Mocha Manual booth!

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The winner of our baby stroller Giveaway sporting her new Mocha Manual maternity tee. Sombeody is about to pop!!

ohh baby, the eye candy at the expo was SWEET! So many six packs, so little time….

2 Responses to “A Call for Powerful Parenting!”
  1. MyBrownBaby says:


    Thank you for such a wonderful, informative, thoughtful blog. I’m so glad that someone is thinking about this and doing more than just talking about it amongst friends. It really is time for a Black Mommy Movement, and I’m GLAD you’re on the case! If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know. All hands on deck!

  2. talkingwithtami says:

    Looks like you had a fun event! Love your booth!

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