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I Hear You Loud and Clear! Now What About Our Black Men?

Okay Moms,

You’ve been sharing your responses to the Mocha Manual
Mom Movement. And there are definitely some serious issues for us to
take on. Your responses on what is the biggest issue ranged from
outrage over the embarassing health care disparities to the problem of
quality educational options in our own communities to concern about our
black men.

I wish I could share all of the responses here–don’t worry
we’ll have new message boards SOON so we can all really share our
thoughts. For now, I would love for us to start hearing each other.
Nobody will listen to us, if we don’t listen to each other! Here’s
what some of you said is the biggest issue we face as moms of color:

" The assumption that we lack the ability and intelligence to raise our children to be productive citizens." —Natasha

respected and seen as people who really do plan pregnancies and have
supportive HUSBANDS who are just as excited about becoming parents."

"The fact that we are NOT being heard."–Denene

"That there are limited perspectives regarding who we are as educated women."–Sharon

fathers, lack of communication and networking within our community..we
need to maintain the "village" philosphy that once lived in our
communities." —Kenyan

"Providing a strong educational
foundation for our children and creating positive peer groups
(specifically in their teenage years)." –Nikkia

"Adequate support in the first 3 years (prenatal care, maternity/family leave, childcare

treatment in the work place. We do not recieve the same considerations
that our Caucasian sisters do when it comes to time off for family
needs before and after pregnancy." –Lauren

motherhood-juggling it all plus work responsibilities–making the
workplace family friendly, helping mamas find and keep work." –Angel

our children a better education without taking them away from our
communities and the people in their "village".–Njeri

"Disparities in health care!"–Lorrie

Do any of these ring true for you? Did you utter an "AMEN!" or two
while reading. I know I did as I watched the responses roll in. Please
continue to share your thoughts by posting to this blog so others can
see it. Our agenda is taking shape. And for this week’s question, where do you see black fathers fitting into our movement??
If you’re still bitter about not being invited to the Million Man
March, don’t answer ! (ha!) But, seriously, is this our thang? Or a
black family thing? Let me know your thoughts.

In motherhood,

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