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The Black Mom Movement Begins!

My recent blog on the consistent lack of a black perspective whenever
there is a mommy debate in this country, really touched a nerve with
our community. The emails are still coming in! And the response is
clear: Black mothers are tired of being represented as “breeders”
instead of nurturing moms who care about their children. We are tired
of being perceived as women who “end up” pregnant and then just deal
with it with sucked teeth and rolling necks and therefore not invited
to the table to discuss anything that concerns mothers from maternity
leave to child care to work-life balance issues. We are tired of the
hypocrisy and the double-standard when it comes to family values and
the perpetuated stereotypes about black women as mothers and our
Many of the black mothers who emailed me said that perhaps because we
have become so used to being voiceless, that we just accept it. Or
maybe Obama’s momentum is lulling us into a some sort of complacency
about the real state of race matters in this country. Either way, we
need to wake up and bring our issues to the collective table. We are
ready to let our voice be heard!

Please join me in starting a
black mommy movement! We have an agenda and we want to be heard! Be a
part of the conversation. I need your help. First, please tell me what
issues and concerns are most important to you. This will help us shape
an agenda and action plan. Click here http://http://www.mochamanual.com/Revolutionsignup.html
to answer two really, really quick questions, and sign up for the Black
Mom Movement email list, so we can discuss what’s next for our
revolution (After all, it may not be televised! You know how the media
can be!!) Then, please tell each and every black mom you know to log on
to www.mochamanual.com and do the same. Let’s get to one million moms strong!

help get the word out that we are Black mothers who matter. Our
opinions matter. And our babies matter. Let’s do this! I’m waiting to
hear from you.

All fired up,

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