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Mocha Manual Pay it Forward Month!

Hello Mocha Manual world! The most amazing thing happened to me yesterday and I just have to tell everyone about it. Well, I was trying to be cute by switching up my handbag, which of course, leaves you at a high risk for the curse of leaving something behind in the previous bag. That is exactly what happened! This time the forgotten item was…. my wallet!

So there I was at Mickey D’s to treat Kayla for an excellent report card and two happy meals and I salad order later I realized I had no money! No stash of cash in my back jean pocket, no lonely bills in my car tray–not a thing. All I had was a Mocha Manual book promo card and unfortunately those are not yet accepted as currency at major restaurant outlets (give me two more years ladies, I’m working on that!).

Just when I had exhausted all of my apologies to the teenager who had summoned up our meals and told the kids we needed to go back home and get my wallet, a woman on the next aisle offered to pay for me. Of course, I refused repeatedly thanking her for her kindness, but offering a prideful no-thanks. I mean it wasn’t a dollar menu item, it was nearly 15 bucks! But she insisted. The mom of two said she had been in my situation many times and knows what its like to try to change your purse and end up money-less at the fast food counter. And with Michael saying, “I’m hungry mommy, I’m hungry mommy” as if he hadn’t had a meal since the last food truck rolled through town, I finally capitulated. I happened to find my checkbook in the bottom of the cute purse and offered her a check. She refused.

In the end, we came to an agreement, that I would remember her kindness and simply pay it forward the next time I saw a mother in a pinch. So that is my promise and I’m asking you all to share in random acts of kindness to other moms. We’re a group in need of lots of support and mommy support can come from loved ones and total strangers. That very nice lady saved me that day and I hope to return the favor.

I started today. I was working on my laptop for a few hours at a local coffee shop when a mother with two little ones brought them in for lunch. They sat next to me for some time. After a rowdy lunch full of threats and ultimatums, she needed to go to the bathroom. As she prepared to pack up kids, bags, toys and other stuff just to take a pee, I offered to watch the kids while she went potty. Having sat next to me for a nearly an hour we had already exchanged peek a boo glances and smiles. I loaded up a kid-friendly website on my laptop for them and mommy took a kid-free bathroom break. It wasn’t 15 dollars, but I know that a chance to go to the bathroom alone for a busy mom is priceless. And I felt like a million bucks!!!

More acts to follow…C’mon join in…

Have you made a random act of mommy kindness lately? Please tell me about it and we’ll start posting stories on the website.

One Response to “Mocha Manual Pay it Forward Month!”
  1. Lisa Wash says:

    Wow! This is very encouraging and inspiring. As I read this, it reminded me of something I would do (and have done!) for others. I LOVE people and I have a special place in my heart for mothers, because I am a mother of two boys 3yrs and 1 yr. Plus, I am 4 mths pregnant with my third! I am experiencing some internal struggles and I am glad I ran accross this site. I look forward to meeting other Mocha Mamas and sharing information and encouraging words.

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