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Nutty Information: What’s a Pregnant Woman to Do?

As Black women, we’re used to obsessing over our hair and finding the
perfect foundation, but when you’re pregnant you worry about every
morsel that passes your lips and you stress your nutritional intake on
a whole ‘notha level. If there’s one thing you may have thought was
safe during pregnancy, it’s a nice, healthy,
take-you-back-to-your-childhood, peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

a new report this week by Dutch researchers, found a link between
pregnant women who eat nuts or nut products and asthma in their
children. The study said these women raised the risk of asthma in their
children by 50 percent.

This is particularly interesting for
black women, since our children already have alarmingly high rates of
asthma anyway. And there’s been a lot of debate about what’s behind the
higher asthma rates in our community.
The good news is, the study also showed that moderate amounts of nutty
stuff did not seem to have an effect, meaning it is too soon to say
whether pregnant women should give up nuts all together, because they
do contain many important nutrients and healthy fats a developing fetus

In their study, more than 4,000 pregnant women completed
a dietary questionnaire that asked whether they consumed vegetables,
fresh fruit, fish, eggs, milk, milk products, nuts and nut products
rarely, regularly or daily. The researchers then assessed the
children’s diets and looked to see who had developed asthma over an
eight-year period. Children whose mothers ate as little as one peanut
butter sandwich a day had a far higher risk of asthma.

I’m sure
there will be much debate on these findings, and some moms-to-be choose
to err on the side of caution rather than risk it, but that’s a call
for you to make.
What’s your opinion on this nutty nugget?

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