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Kimberly’s Konfessions

This mommy
business ain’t easy. Sometimes we do things we’d rather not share. This
month I’m blogging about my secret guilty pleasures and closed door
mommy antics.

Well people here’s my first confession of the
month (deep breath)—A few weeks ago I dumped my kids off at my moms
house for nearly a whole month!. And besides for a few weak moments,
I’ve been relatively guilt free about the whole thing. That’s right I
said it. It may not be the PC thing to say but this summer I
experienced a guilt free vacation from my kids, and I gotta tell you I
really enjoyed it. A few nights, I rode my bike. One evening, I sat on
the beach and watched the sunset. Another night, I sat in a bubbly bath
until my fingers were shriveled and prune-like. Now before you get all
judgmental on me—let me say this, stop the hateration. You’re probably
just jealous of my uninterrupted showers, quiet reading time, and the
fact that I haven’t had to watch the Disney or Noggin channels in
weeks. (well, I did watch High School Musical 2 just so I could talk
about it with Kayla on the phone!)

Let me just say in
my defense, that the dumping, er, dropping off, was for a good cause. I
was completely stressed out over some company staffing issues which
caused us to get way behind on processing orders (my continued
apologies to my customers. We’re all good now!) Plus, I’m neck deep in
writing my next book, The Mocha Manual to Turning Your Profit into
Passion (btw, all you women with a side hustle out there, please email
me at
to share your story and be a part of my next book!). So my lovely
mother offered to take the children for the month of August as her gift
to the company and the book writing effort.

Sure, I could of
said, “Mom, a month is too long, a week would be great!” or I could of
said “I’ve never been away from the kids that long, that may be to too
much…” But instead, I said, “Hmm, let me check the flights and get to

All you mothers out there, if you have a
and-outings-reads-every-night-kind-of-mother like I do, you know that
they are getting a lot more attention and much better care with her
than me peeking out at them over my laptop for hours on end while
making breakfast dinners as I’m stressed out over book deadlines and
writer’s block.

I’m evolved enough to say sometimes grandma is a
better mom than I am. If you need a stand-in mom, grandmas are pretty
much the best thing going. They have the experience and the distance to
come at the stand-in mom business with a freshness and enthusiasm that
we every-day moms can lack due to wear and tear.

I’ve given up
being or insisting on being the only person in my kids’ life you can
give them Kimberly-sized love and attention. If you have a few select
friends or relatives that you respect and think their parenting style
is similar to yours and your kids love spending time there, be okay
with that. When I call Kayla and Michael and I hear them happy, playing
around and excitedly telling me about their day, I’m happy that they
are having this time. (Besides, I spent my youthful summers roasting in
South Carolina at my grandma’s and if its good enough for me, then its
good enough for them…)When I call and they tell me they’re too busy
with an arts and craft project or a puzzle to talk to me, my heart
twinges a little but I know they are enjoying themselves. And you know
what, so am I.

When the time came for me to go pick them up, I
couldn’t wait to see my babies. I missed them dearly. But lately I had
been missing myself as well. I was lost in running a business, writing
a book, managing a house, etc. My mommy vacation has helped me
rediscover my balance. Now I’m ready to take on the world and the
school year with renewed vigor and vim. Look out world!

Did you
have a mommy break this summer? Tell me about it. C’mon, don’t be
scurred. Admit to all the fun you had while your kids were away. Or
tell me how your mommy guilt ruined it. Either way, I’d love to hear
from you!

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