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Happy New Year! Happy New You


am so sorry that I’ve been neglectful on the blog. I have been super
busy writing my next book and I am very happy to report that I’ve
finally completed the next Mocha Manual. Yippee! That means that I’m
accepting congratulatory drinks and dinner offers from anyone and
everyone, so please, come on with it! I must admit, it was really an
intense experience and I definitely felt like I was birthing a 12 pd
baby. Speaking of which, in case you’re wondering, my next Mocha Manual
is not about parenting per se. My first book helped you birth your real
baby, but the next Mocha Manual is about birthing that other
baby—your business. So all you moms out there who are aspiring or
part-time entrepreneurs, the next Mocha Manual is for you!

Now for all my
black moms to be out there! Please keep checking back, because we have
a lot of new stuff coming up for the new year. And this is the year
that I ask all of you to tell me what you want to see more of on the
site. More importantly, I want all moms to make 2008 our year–a year
of achieving our goals, letting go of baggage, feeling fit and fabulous
and living our best life!


That’s my mission for 08 ladies. Holla if you’re with me.

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