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Parenting and Pregnancy Tips for Black Mothers

Welcome to Mocha Manual, the most comprehensive online resource for black mothers. Mocha Manual was created with the intention of providing black women with knowledge and guidance through articles and media that address pregnancy and motherhood from a point of view that’s aware of the issues specific to the black community. We believe that black pregnancy and the experiences of black parents are unique and deserve their own space for discussion and open dialogue. That is what Mocha Manual is here for: to give black mothers a space where they can read and discuss articles, stories and how-to guides about black parenting that were created specifically with them in mind.

No matter what your parenting situation is, you’ll find something for you if you browse through the pages of Mocha Manual. Articles written by experts in our pregnancy section will guide you from conception, through all three trimesters and delivery. Single moms will find articles on how to raise a child alone, how to foster a healthy relationship with your baby’s father, as well as how to take care of yourself while dealing with all the new responsibilities that come along with being a mother. There is also advice for momrepreneurs on how to succeed in the business world and at the same time maintain a healthy household. There is advice on sex and love after pregnancy, as well as fashion tips for black mothers and mothers-to-be. Leading black beauty experts share their wisdom about makeup, hair jewelry and accessories that is especially catered to you.

Go ahead and look through our site. We are sure that, in Mocha Manual, you will find a wealth of resources, news, and advice that will enrich your life. And while you’re here, take some time to pamper yourself a bit. After reading thorough our expert’s fashion and make-up tips head over to our shop and see all of the unique products that Mocha Manual makes available, including Kimberly Seals-Allers’ Mocha Manual books .

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