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A Pregnancy Story: Preeclampsia Nearly Killed Me & My Baby; What Every Black Woman Needs to Know

Measuring Blood Pressure

Christiana Oduh nearly died when she developed severe preeclampsia around the fifth month of her pregnancy. It’s a potentially fatal condition that strikes black women at a higher rate. Her baby was born weighing less than two pounds and was given a slim chance of survival. Read Christiana’s powerful pregnancy story and how she credits [...]

Nia Long Poses Nude on EBONY Cover. Would You? … One Mom Did. In A Train Station. Read Her Story.

 I love Nia Long. And you know I love seeing empowering and beautiful images of pregnanct black women. That’s why I just love the October issue of EBONY. But would you pose naked? And in a commuter train station?? Mocha Moms National President Kuae Mattox did, and she shared her story in The Mocha Manual [...]

Erykah Badu Wants To Become A Midwife. Why We Need More Black Midwives & Doulas.

                    Check out Kimberly’s latest blog post on Erykah Badu’s midwifery dreams and why we need more black midwives and doulas.

Are You a New Mom? Take Time for You This Mother's Day

 Great Tips For New Moms On How To Celebrate Self On Mother’s Day

The Game's Drew Sidora Talks Pregnancy, Single Motherhood, Grapefruit Juice and Fried Chicken!

We loved her on the old  "The Game" or maybe you didn’t, but mom-to-be Drew Sidora talks with Kimberly about crazy cravings, what scares her about having a boy, and her new TD Jakes sitcom.  And check out our exclusive baby shower pics!

Your Sister Fix: 5 Common Pregnancy-Related Hair and Skin Problems Solved!

Black women have unique hair and skin changes during pregnancy. Get these doctor recommended fixes now!

The Truth About Epidurals: 6 Myth-Busting Facts for Moms-to-Be

Are epidurals misunderstood? One doctor says, Yes! and offers these answers to common myths about epidurals. 

Orgasmic Childbirth? You Betcha! And Other Alternative Pregnancy Books You Just Gotta Read!

Can childbirth be orgasmic? I’m not sure, but a new book sure made me want to find out. Well, not me personally (I’m done!). But check out this interesting read and my other picks for alternative thoughts on pregnancy and childbirth.

Scrambled Eggs – Fertility After 40 On The Rise

Scrambled Eggs – Fertile After 40? You Bet!  I was feeling some kind of way when a scientific study said no over 35 year old eggs need apply, but a recent CDC study shows births after age 40 are on the rise. 

Mommy Wars: Birth With Drugs or No Drugs? Why the Competition?

Mommy Wars: Birth With Drugs or No Drugs. Why the Competition? There’s a never ending battle brewing between women who delivered a baby with and without drg medication. Some of those in the "natural" camp act as if you cheated childbirth by taking a little nip from the epidural tap. Here’s my rule: If a [...]