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Are you The Match? July is National African American Bone Marrow Month

Josh Biyoyouwei suffered a stroke when he was barely 2 years old. The cause: sickle cell anemia, an inherited blood disorder. Now 7 and wheelchair-bound, Josh faces a high probability that another stroke will strike—unless he receives a bone marrow transplant.For patients battling more than 70 diseases, including sickle cell anemia and blood cancers like [...]

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July 4th: Help Fund the business dreams of veterans

This 4th of July, you might be curious to know what soldiers and veterans do when they’re done with war, especially since there are more than 2.3 million African American vets in the US. Regrettably, sometimes the hopes and dreams of our African American Vets are often forgotten as they seek ways to heal from military [...]

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Pregnant this Summer? 3 Tips for staying cool

Being pregnant any time of the year can be uncomfortable, but pregnancy during the summer months has a reputation for being even more difficult. The hot, sticky days combined with all the activities you still want to take part in can take a toll on you both mentally and physically. Erika Boom, certified pre and postnatal [...]

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W.K. Kellogg Foundation Grant to Improve Infant Health Outcomes With Community Approach

Detroit-based Metro Solutions receives multi-year, $425,000 grant to fund community-based breastfeeding initiative Metro Solutions, a Detroit-based non-profit fiscal intermediary, has partnered with three nationally recognized infant health and community engagement experts who will launch an innovative pilot project to improve community support for breastfeeding, and thereby improve infant and maternal health outcomes in cities across [...]

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Summer Fun!: 5 Tips to making Kid’s Summer Vacation More Educational

Whether or not your family’s summer vacation plans involve travel—by car, plane, boat or train—these 5 easy tips will help you make the most of your vacation time with your kids, while creating fun experiences that encourage reading and learning. Hooked On Phonics Editorial Director (who has two young kids) Julie Temple Stan put these tips [...]

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Parents Take Note!: What Every Teen Should Know About Facebook & Their Privacy

With Facebook facing new fraud complaints about how it uses personal data, Stanford computer science professor and online privacy expert Monica Lam has an important message for  teens and their parents:  Be careful about how you use Facebook because you may be giving away your privacy and empowering teen marketers without even knowing it. Lam [...]

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Thalia Launches Her First Children’s Album In The U.S.: “Viva Kids, Vol.1″

International award-winning superstar also launches popular YouTube webisode series, ‘Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos’ (This is How We Do It) International award-winning actress, singer and author Thalia launches her first children’s album, “VIVA KIDS, VOL. 1.,” in the U.S. “VIVA KIDS” is a nostalgic, cultural and educational CD + DVD comprised of some of the most popular traditional [...]

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Taking Control of Your Finances: How to Engineer Your Financial Future in 2014

Veteran investment advisor shares 4 Tips for all wealth stages.   Financial resolutions can be the most difficult to keep. They can include minute detail, number crunching, plenty of files and discipline that can affect a person’s entire lifestyle, says veteran investment advisor Paul Taylor, a member of the National Ethics Bureau. “Many folks simply are not predisposed to [...]

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New Survey: Only 17 Percent of Parents Believe Reading is Top Priority

 Macy’s and Reading Is Fundamental Launch Be Book Smart Campaign June 18 to Support Children’s Literacy   During the Summer; Kids Spend Nearly Triple the Time Playing Video Games or Watching TV. Despite research that indicates the importance of summer reading in preventing children from losing literacy skills, only 17 percent of parents say reading [...]



How did you break the news? Finding the right moment to tell your partner a new edition will be added to the family (and it isn’t a pet) may not be the easiest task. For some women, their men are the ones desperate and eager to find out if a “bun is in the oven” [...]

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