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Back-To-School: 9 Budget-Friendly Tips for School Essentials

It may seem like you just got the kids off to summer camp, but many retailers this season are already starting to promote back-to-school sales. And according to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 24% of Americans last year started shopping for back-to-school products two months before the school season; this year that number [...]

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Healthy Snacks: 5 Tips Parents Can Add Nutrition to School Lunches

With kids headed back to school, it’s more important than ever to support their healthy development and give them every possible advantage in the classroom.   On top of ensuring the kiddos complete their homework every day and make it out the door on time, parents are now more focused than ever on the importance of [...]


Why Ferguson Has Everything to Do With Black Breastfeeding Week

The tragic events in Ferguson have exposed an inconvenient truth about which lives matter in the United States. About how stereotypes and unspoken fears lead to unsubstantiated actions with dangerous, life-ending consequences. As we learned that Michael Brown’s body laid in the street for over an hour without detectives’ attention, we saw firsthand the power of [...]



The Commonwealth Fund, and organization who provides grants to improve health care policies practices based on independent research, completed their own studies in the years 2004, 2006, 2007 & 2010 where they compared the United States to six other industrialized countries (New Zealand, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and Germany) on measures on [...]


Tom Joyner Morning Show: Kimberly Talks Black Breastfeeding Week & New SongBooth #BlackFamsRock Experience

Kimberly Seals Allers, Black Breastfeeding Week co-founder talked with renowned journalist Jacque Reid and the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew on Friday the 15th to discuss the 2nd annual Black Breastfeeding Week (August 25th-31st), her “no-more drama” /Mary J. Blige approach to breastfeeding, and the exciting new partnership with Lowekey Media’s SoundBooth App for the #BlackFamsRock experience! Click here [...]


College Bound: 7 Financial Tips Parents Need To Inform Their Kids of Before Leaving

If you’re worried about your new college student’s ability to manage money on his or her own, you’re not alone. Here, financial advisor Donna Skeels Cygan spotlights seven specific things you and your student need to consider before freshman move-in day. Your years of encouragement and supervision have paid off, and your teenager will be [...]

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Prevention: Hot Car Alarm Alert Helps Parents Avoid Tragic Nightmare

It’s a parents worse nightmare. The rush rush of modern life and multitasking causes you to accidentally lock your child in the car. A hot car. This summer alone, it seemed that far too many parents were being arrested every week for these life threatening accident. According to researchers at San Francisco State University, last [...]

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sears scandal

Dear Sear and Walmart: About your Breastfeeding Faus Pas, A new Pilot Project Could Save you (and other companies) millions

We all watched with shaking heads this week as a Sears security employee posted screen shots of breastfeeding mothers that he captured from Sears security cameras.  The twitterverse unleashed its fury, citing the obvious concern about violating the privacy of these unsuspecting mothers and the obvious stupidity of an employee who should know better. The [...]

Nursing Blend is an all-natural dietary supplement used by nursing mothers when a boost in breast milk supply is needed.

Your Post-Pregnancy Survival Guide: From After Delivery Soreness to Breastfeeding Discomfort, Check out these 4 Products

Life after childbirth can have its minor discomforts, especially in the early days. Feeding schedules, diaper changes (and purchases), and sleepless nights (just to name a few—but not limited to) can be more than a handful for new mothers, and having nipple soreness and pain in other places “downtown”,  can make it worse! Post-pregnancy discomforts [...]


New Beginnings, New Victims: Newlyweds & New Parents more likely to become victims of identity theft

LifeLock, Inc.,  announced on June 26th new commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting about consumer attitudes, behaviors, and exposures related to identity theft. The February 2014 survey revealed that individuals who experience life milestones related to “new beginnings,” including getting married, becoming new parents, buying a home or entering the dating scene, are more likely [...]

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