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Susan Lee w Family (2)

National Lung Health Week: A Mother’s Story, Her Kids’ Resilience and Ms. Patti LaBelle

By: Chandra Lye   Susan Lee was in her 30s when her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Over 20 years later, Lee had to live through her own journey with lung cancer. Today she is an advocate for Lung Cancer survivors, serving as a spokesperson for the LUNG FORCE during National Women’s Lung Health [...]

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Attractive couple not talking on the couch at home in the living room

Best Tips for Co-Parenting with an Ex

In this day and age, a divorce can be a daunting situation for a couple to deal with, especially when children are involved. Once the divorce has been finalized, it’s still not necessarily over for the children who may continue to need support from both parents through the transition. So, what are the best ways [...]

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Got Monster – In Laws? 5 Tips for Surviving the In-Laws

Got Monster – In Laws?: 5 Tips for Surviving the In-Laws By Dr. Deanna Brann author of Reluctantly Related Revisited: Breaking Free of the Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law Conflict     With Spring Break around the corner, everyone is planning their family get-together’s. ‘Yay?’ you think, as you fill your suitcase with dread and postpone that vacation to Aruba. With [...]

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nanny mcphee1

Need a Nanny? New NYC Nanny Concierge Service Helps Families Find Best Fit

  1-800 Need a Nanny? With parents juggling full time jobs and raising their families, nannies have become more commonplace. However, the process and criteria for choosing a nanny has dramatically changed thanks to novel ideas such as, the NY Nanny Concierge Services. Founded by Lindsay Bell and Tammy Gold, author of Secrets of the [...]

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Portrait of Happy Family In Park

Bye, Bye Helicopter, Hello “Third-Child” Style: The Top 6 Parenting Trends for 2016

Want to know what’s hot in parenting? Care.com released their predictions for the parenting styles that will dominate 2016. At the top of the list is the prediction for the end of helicopter parenting in favor of a more relaxed approach that encourages greater independence. The rise of the more credentialed, “professor nanny” and hybrid [...]

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Ipiit products-home

Have a Kid With Food Allergies? Going Lactose or Gluten Free? New App Lets You Scan Food for Contents

By Briyahna Rice   If you have food allergies,  Celiac disease or are just living wheat or lactose free, now there’s an app to help simplify food shopping. Simply scan the bar code of the product and the new app, Ipiit –The Food Ambassador, will tell you what’s in it.  Every person with a food allergy understands [...]

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That Time When My 15YO Daughter Went Vegan!: 10 Tips for Vegan Beginners

A few years ago, we hosted an event with the award-winning, vegan celebrity chef and author, Bryant Terry. And my daughter was hooked!  His cookbook , The Inspired Vegan, is one of the best! We invited families into Manhattan for a cooking demo and presentation with Bryant and his wife on healthy eating for toddlers [...]

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TPF - Popcorn ball decorating kit

National Popcorn Month & Halloween Come Together! –Oh YES! Great Ideas for You

Looking for a great Halloween craft or gift idea? If pumpkin carving isn’t your forte, decorate a popcorn ball instead!! Genius! Check out the 3 1/2 gallon 3-flavor popcorn tins, great gift ideas, Popcorn Decorating Kits and more  from The Popcorn Factory!  You can thank us later!  

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901718 - Goosebumps

We’ve Got Stuff!: GOOSEBUMPS Book Series Giveaway to Celebrate Movie Release on October 16

We have a few movie rules in our house. One is, if a new release is a book adaptation, you have to read the book first. Always. So the kids are super excited they are ahead of the game with the GooseBumps movie release this week. The popular book series hits the big screen October [...]

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Ready to Hit the Beach? 9 Tips for A Safe Day

It’s beach season and parents should keep in mind some steps that will keep their children safe when in or near the ocean. While most adults worry about their children being at risk in pools, a large number of drowning incidents also happen in lakes, rivers, and oceans. According to the Center for Disease Control, [...]