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As I travel the country as a breastfeeding advocate, I am rarely shocked by the comments I receive or the misconceptions people share. Except for the time a Black woman asked me to stop talking about that “slavery sh*t.” The “slavery sh*t” she was referring to was likely the sad fact that many African Americans still [...]



  The last click is the hardest. Of all of my online travel bookings, the one that completes the reservation to send my children to London for eight weeks of summer with their father is the hardest. No expedited Internet search, discounts or “negotiator” could make this travel bearable. Shortly after our divorce, my “wasband” [...]

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Before we can even get them out of school in June, the TV becomes full of ads featuring cheery kids in bright plaid outfits and cutesy hats who are singing and dancing around to upbeat music as they board a yellow school bus.

blogher post

Race, Privilege and Why I Won’t Be At ‘BlogHer’

Nobody probably noticed, but I’ve been boycotting all the major mom blogger/blogger conferences for about two years now. I just couldn’t stomach the lack of diversity in the attendees, speakers, or topics. Or paying my hard-earned money to feel out of place, outnumbered, unheard or isolated. No thanks. For me, it was just a painful [...]

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Reflections on Fatherhood: Faithful Over That Which Belongs to Another Man

This Father’s Day, we’re reflecting on all types of fathers with this moving piece from Makes Me Wanna Holler founder, Eric Payne. Before I was a husband I was a father. But before I was a father of my own I became a surrogate to another’s by design, if not directly by choice.

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Your Father’s Day Event Listing: Things to Do With Dad in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, DC, LA, Detroit

Looking for something to do with Dad this weekend? From beer-tasting boat cruises in Detroit to Blues & BBQ in LA or a pig roast at a DC-area winery,  check out our listing of dad-tastic events in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Detroit. Compiled by Briana C. Scott Father’s Day event [...]

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Pres. Obama’s FATHERHOOD BUZZ Hits Barbershops Nationwide this Father’s Day Weekend! Join the Nat’l Responsible Fatherhood Movement!!

By Michelle Russell Just in time for Father’s Day, Barbershops across the country will be participating in Fatherhood Buzz, an initiative created to allow dads to connect with local resources to help build strong families. Fatherhood Buzz was created by The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, and its primary focus is to promote fatherhood in the [...]

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Malik IATP

Food Justice, White Do-Gooders & Saving Our Own Communities

I COULDN’T HELP BUT POST THIS POWERFUL COMMENTARY BY MALIK YAKINI, WHO IS LEADING A BLACK FOOD SOVEREIGNTY MOVEMENT (including the first food, breastmilk). WE CAN SAVE OURSELVES! THIS POST ORIGINALLY APPEARED ON BeBlackAndGreen.com A DISTURBING TREND   Over the past few years, I have attended several national, state and local good food conferences at [...]

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TimeMag 2coverDf

The REAL Problem with the TIME magazine cover. Why are we so afraid of being nurturers?

I’ve been scratching my head for 48 hours, trying to figure out why the nation is in uproar over Time magazine’s recent cover of a 26-year-old mother breastfeeding her three-year-old. The tweets, Facebook postings and emails have been relentless. What’s the big deal? Is my first question. And why does what one California mom do [...]

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Dear Whoopi Goldberg: Please Stick to Blackface Not Breastfeeding. And Stop Obstructing “The View” for Women With MisTruths.

Your recent rants on The View which can only be categorized as anti-breastfeeding and anti-truth don’t help any women at all, instead they only fuel the misplaced anger and hostility that unfortunately already cloud an important public health issue-an issue that could save millions of infant lives and bolster the health of millions of mothers.