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Pregnant Woman on Bedrest

Making the Most of a High-Risk Pregnancy

High-risk pregnancy is a nerve-wracking experience, creating fear and limitations for those who have to go through it. Learn how you can still have a fulfilling, fun and sexy pregnancy.

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Top 5: Reasons for Kids to Eat Breakfast

An alarming number of children don’t eat breakfast before going to school every day. Boys Town, the national child and healthcare organization, gives five reasons that your kid needs to eat breakfast — today!

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Celebrate Black Marriage with the Flick ‘Still Standing’

“Still Standing” — a new film by nationally renowned marriage experts Lamar and Ronnie Tyler — celebrates and advocates the powerhouse that is black marriage. Be sure to catch the last few showings of the film at theaters around the U.S.

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Trayvon Martin, the N-Word and Dealing with My Hurt at “Hurt Village”

Like any mother, you’d like to think your children won’t suffer the same pains you have. And as a black mother, I’ve prayed that in our so-called post-racism society and after all that has been struggled through and fought for that these things just don’t happen anymore.

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Beyonce is a black woman. Her breastfeeding moment is our moment.

Dear White Women: Beyonce is OUR Breastfeeding Moment. Please Step Aside.

I know the breastfeeding world is all abuzz over reports that Beyonce breastfed her beautifully brown Blue Ivy in public last week and that we consider this a victory for all nursing moms everywhere, but I need to claim this moment for African American women.


Kimberly Selected As Commentator & Blog Expert for National “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” Campaign

Kimberly Seals Allers, multi-media journalist, breastfeeding advocate and author of The Mocha Manual series of books for mothers of color, has been named a commentator and blogger for Break Time for Nursing Mothers, a national campaign to increase awareness of a federal law to support breastfeeding working mothers.

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Cable Industry Launches “Diversity on Demand” Initiative for More Multi-Cultural Programming –And Our Very Cool Giveaway!!

Check out the new Diversity on Demand Initiative, but first “Like”  and leave a comment on the Mocha Manual facebook page for a chance to win a very cool Diversity on Demand promo pack including a tote bag, Snuggie and pop pack for your next movie night-in.

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Fighting With Your Tween Over Going Out? Try This G.O. Checklist (As Featured on PIX11 News)

There was always drama with my tween when she wanted to go to a party or event. I had questions like who was going to be there, how many parents were supervising and if any boys would be there.

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Stick Fly follows the LeVays, an affluent African American family who come together to spend a weekend at their stately Martha's Vineyard mansion. The adult sons, aspiring novelist Kent and golden boy plastic surgeon Flip, have each brought their respecti

PICS: Alicia Keys, Lala Anthony, Mekhi Phifer and STICKFLY Cast

had the pleasure of attending the Alicia Keys’ produced play StickFly in NYC last week. The performance included an after show “talk-back” with Alicia Keys and the cast. That’s night’s chat was hosted by LaLa Vasquez Anthony (Carmelo Anthony’s wife. Go KNICKS!!)

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Measuring Blood Pressure

A Pregnancy Story: Preeclampsia Nearly Killed Me & My Baby; What Every Black Woman Needs to Know

Christiana Oduh nearly died when she developed severe preeclampsia around the fifth month of her pregnancy. It’s a potentially fatal condition that strikes black women at a higher rate.

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