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First Food Fridays: Is Your Hospital in Cahoots with Drug Companies To Undermine You and Your Baby’s Health?

Pharmaceutical companies want your baby hooked on their infant formula whether you want to or not. And hospitals, who, given the state of America’s health should be focused on providing superior healthcare are instead serving as a marketing vehicle for the drug companies.

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little black girl

My Daughter Has Been Called the N-Word Twice At School. Did I Handle It All Wrong?

When a kid at my daughter’s school decided to drop the N-word on her twice, my professional cool went out the window.

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This Milk Tastes Good

New Breastfeeding Book to Officially Debut at The Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington D.C.

Husband and wife team Chennaiah and V. Kuroji Patrick are getting ready for the official launch party of their first book “This Milk Tastes Good,”
– a family- friendly nursery rhyme that takes all of the nutritional goodness of breast milk, the power of the public feeding and the need for daddy to be involved and rolling them into one.

pumping at workDSC_0492

Share Your Story! Moms, Have you benefited from the federal workplace pumping law?

As you may know, I was recently selected by the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee to help spread the word about the new federal law that allows all nursing moms to have mandated pumping breaks. If you didn’t know, Tanya Lieberman (who was also selected and wrote a great piece on BB360. Thanks Tanya!!) and I will [...]


The BB360° List: Black Breastfeeding Resources, Websites, Books, Blogs and More…

For moms who choose the feed their children via the breast way, the Mocha Manual has put together a handy list of experts, books and organizations for you to turn to as you bond with your baby — everything you need to support you on your journey.


Getting the Media To Tell Our Breastfeeding Story Right: Kimberly joins Kellogg Foundation panel at NABJ Health Media Institute

One of my key motivations for creating Black Breastfeeding 360 was my frustration that the media doesn’t accurately tell our story. So when the W.K. Kellogg Foundation asked me to join their panel for the National Association of Black Journalists Health Media Institute in Washington, D.C. last week, I was all in…The panel was hosted [...]

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Autism On Rise in Black Community: 10 Tips for Parents Dealing with Autism

The Center for Disease Control released staggering statistics on autism last week that has parents around the country concerned: One in 88 children now have autism, up 23 percent in just the last two years. Learn 10 tips from autism experts on what you can do to help your child.

Pregnant Woman on Bedrest

Making the Most of a High-Risk Pregnancy

High-risk pregnancy is a nerve-wracking experience, creating fear and limitations for those who have to go through it. Learn how you can still have a fulfilling, fun and sexy pregnancy.

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Top 5: Reasons for Kids to Eat Breakfast

An alarming number of children don’t eat breakfast before going to school every day. Boys Town, the national child and healthcare organization, gives five reasons that your kid needs to eat breakfast — today!

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Celebrate Black Marriage with the Flick ‘Still Standing’

“Still Standing” — a new film by nationally renowned marriage experts Lamar and Ronnie Tyler — celebrates and advocates the powerhouse that is black marriage. Be sure to catch the last few showings of the film at theaters around the U.S.

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