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Nationally Recognized Advocates Launch First Annual Black Breastfeeding Week, August 25-31, 2013


Nationally Recognized Advocates Launch First Annual Black Breastfeeding Week, August 25-31, 2013

 NEW YORK— August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month and a group of nationally recognized breastfeeding advocates have declared August 25- 31, 2013 as Black Breastfeeding Week, marking the inaugural celebration of black life with a community forum in Detroit, a live interactive webinar via YouTube and several social media campaigns. The theme for the week is #BlackLivesMatter.

Black Breastfeeding Week founding committee members include author, journalist and nationally recognized breastfeeding advocate, Kimberly Seals Allers; founding director of the Detroit-based Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association, Kiddada Green; and and co-founder of the Brown Mamas Breastfeed Project and Free to Breastfeed  and MomsRising.org Fellow, Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka. The committee is working with the support of ROSEMomsRising.org, MyBrownBaby.org, BlackandMarriedWithKids, JhaZamora Publishing, and the St. John Hospital and Medical Center.

 Black Breastfeeding Week Events:

Monday, August 26: Celebrate on Facebook and Twitter by sharing a “round of applause,” “fist bump” or “I’m turned up for breastfeeding!” image with any black mom or dad of a breastfed baby.

Tuesday, August 27: BMBFA will host a #BlackLivesMatter community forum in Detroit in collaboration with the St. John Hospital and Medical Center National Breastfeeding Month Celebration. 12-4pm at St. John Hospital, 22101 Moross Rd, Detroit, MI 48224.

Tuesday, August 27 at 9pm ET: Black Breastfeeding Live: Dalvery Blackwell, an international board certified lactation consultant and co-founder of the African American Breastfeeding Network of Milwaukee leads an live webinar and chat on everything breastfeeding. Hosted by Kimberly Seals Allers. Watch it live here: https://YouTube.com/BMBFAssociation

Thursday, August 29 : Award-winning blogger and author, Denene Millner of MyBrownBaby.com (@mybrownbaby) leads a vibrant twitter chat for African American parents on #BlackLivesMatter. Guests include Dream Hampton (@dreamhampton) and Lamar Tyler of the award-winning BlackandMarriedWithKids.com (@blackandmarried) website.

Join the #BlackLivesMatter Black Breastfeeding Week movement at www.facebook.com/BlackBreastfeedingWeek




7 Responses to “Nationally Recognized Advocates Launch First Annual Black Breastfeeding Week, August 25-31, 2013”
  1. Kimarie Bugg says:

    Best practices that eliminate disparities are action oriented projects. This year’s conference is entitled “Organizing for Action: An African American Breastfeeding Campaign” because we are stepping the game up. Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere, Inc. has had an incredibly productive and inspiring year since we had our initial breastfeeding summit, last year, which we entitled “Reclaiming an African American Tradition.” We have had amazing opportunities to share our thoughts, concerns, culture, experience and expertise with breastfeeding advocates and to advocate in many cities and states throughout this country that we love. We have had the opportunity to present and share breastfeeding management with many healthcare professionals. We relish the privilege of assisting mother’s putting their babies to breast.
    This year’s highlights for ROSE include obtaining a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, which has enabled us to do the work we are doing, becoming a member of the USBC, continuing to work with NICHQ on the National Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, planning of breastfeeding trainings in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi and presenting at the 5th annual Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine summit in Washington, DC and exploring new affiliate chapters in Florida and Kansas. Fun and education has also been on our agenda. During Black history month, our friends at MomsRising and USBC allowed us to participate in an amazing Twitter party and Blog carnival we affectionately entitled Breastfeeding: HerStory. We were chosen to participate in an intensive Community Health Leadership Program (CHLP), through the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine.
    ROSE feels a sense of urgency. During the next few months we must serve our core mission as we seek to: 1) Establish a National conversation on increasing breastfeeding in the African American community 2) Develop and update cultural effective breastfeeding materials and 3) Disseminate said materials. We will premiere our curriculum Breastfeeding Links in Kindred Settings (BLINKS) which will aid the development of our breastfeeding club initiative nationwide and introduce our Faith Based initiative by the end of 2013. We need you all to help us make a difference. We are able to do what we do, through our connections with you. Please note that our breaks during this Summit are entitled “CONNECTIONS”. It is our intention that during this time our participants actually connect with individuals and organizations that are able to assist you and your organization to “Organize for Action.”
    We have the ammunition we need to make a difference and we are not afraid to use it. It is time to form NEW partnerships. We can’t do this alone. We will call on you…. We expect you to lean on us…. Place Matters…. Unequal treatment is the definition of disparity. There are disparities in some places that do not exist in other places. This applies to breastfeeding in the African American community. People have to have access to opportunity to live healthy lives and to make healthy choices, such as initiating breastfeeding. It is our intention to eliminate this breastfeeding disparity where we live, pray, work and play.
    ROSE, Inc.

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