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Summertime Crafts: Something for Dad

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LifetimeMoms Retreat in Palm Beach; 3 Days, 15 Women, OMG!

You gotta admit! If you put together 15 women who've mostly never met in person before and put them together to work, plan and play for three days straight, even at the most beautiful, The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, you don't know what you will get!! Those Lifetime folks are risk-takers!! But they did […]

Out and About: Checkin’ Out Atari’s New Sandlot Sluggers Video Game

I’m not really a video game person. I like my kids out of the house and on their bikes, in the museum, in the swimming pool or otherwise actively engaged. I also like them reading lots and lots of books, which doesn’t leave anytime for twitching their thumbs on a small handheld device. But I […]

The LifetimeMoms.com Retreat in Palm Beach; 3 Days, 15 Women, OMG!!

LifetimeMoms.com brought together all of us channel leaders for a three-day retreat at the very fabulous The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, where we worked and played like only a mom on the loose can!! Check out my blog and pics.